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Carl Jackson "Grace Notes"
Our Holy Spirit window used as central hub!

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Down East Stained Glass

Custom stained glass windows and leaded stained glass panels for your home, business and house of worship.

Professional stained glass restoration & repairs.
We specialize in traditional styled stained glass using the best available materials.

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View our recent stained glass work.

Exterior Protection Glazing
Church Protection Window

Tiffany Peacock
Stained Glass Window

Tiffany Peacock
                    Stained Glass

peacock stained
                    glass window

Custom Stained Glass Panel for Bathroom
57" x 50" eyebrow

Woodbridge Funeral Home
stained glass
                      dove window

Dove Stained Glass Window

60" x 96"


Oriental Baptist Church, NC
Dove Transom Stained Glass Window
dove stained glass window

"Be Strong In The Lord ~ Peace Be With You"
72" x 20"

New Stained Glass Windows
bible & cross stained glass window
Oriental Baptist Church Stained Glass Windows

All Saints Parish at Pawley's Island
Pawley's Island, SC

"Lamb of God"

Altar Stained Glass WindowsLamb of God & Communion
                          Stained Glass

                      stained glass emblem
Baptismal Emblem Detail

View other stained glass windows in church

Holy Spirit
Descending Dove
dove stained glass "Holy Spirit"

38" Round

Our stained glass window featured on cd label.

The Danish Hildegard Ensemble
holy spirit stained glass on cd

The Fonix Music Company