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Ever need a stained glass pattern that doesn't exist?
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$8 /SQ.FT.

Pattern Includes...
  • Original Pencil Drawing on HEAVY WEIGHT 70 lb.paper. 
  • 2 nd working copy included for pattern template.
  • Glass segments # in sequence.
  • Design stability for both aesthetics and panel strength.

 All stained glass drawings are the artists original draft.

SGB Design Studio has been doing custom patterns for professional and home glass studios since1986. Currently owner Gary Somers operates Down East Stained Glass.

Example cost :

18" x 24" pattern is 3 sq.ft. (3 x $8 sq.ft.= TOTAL $24)

$3 for shipping per order. Minimum Order $10

*SGB Design Studio reserves the right to refuse orders that are copyright protected and use such material to determine the type of design requested by their customers as reference only. All patterns designed by SGB become the property of SGB and the ordering client. Reproduction for resale of patterns must be approved by SGB Design Studio. Resale of finished Stained Glass by SGB clients may be sold without permission.

* When measuring for a stained glass window be sure to allow 1/8" around perimeter for expansion.