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Stained Glass Art Tips

A building resource from over 100 years of stained glass experience.

Myths exposed and many "tricks of the trade" secrets revealed!

We have decided to create this informative area of our website to give our perspective on common techniques used to make stained glass. These instructional pages are reflective of over 100 years of stained glass family history and experience throughout the years manufacturing stained glass. Our techniques have stayed consistent since 1897 with very little change except for some modifications of hand tools and newer technology.

We will give descriptions of procedures as well as detailed explanation of techniques used for each phase of stained glass work. Some of our techniques will seem a little different than the normal way most hobbyist today have been taught and will be used for comparison discussion. Modern day "myths" will be exposed as well as many "pro tips" added along with "tricks of the trade" within the following instructional pages.

Coming soon...

Painting on Glass

Trace black, 2 step matting, painting with light and silver staining,

Painted stained glass in finished dove window.
dove stained glass window



Plans are being made to include still images as well as video in the near future.