Pattern re-size steps using Appleworks on a Mac.

Step 1. Open a new document.

Step 2. Choose "Document" from the menu bar.

Step 3. Set all margins to "0". This will reduce the space on the edge of your printed pattern. Also set the # of pages needed... Pages Across will be the width and in this case will be 17" and the height will be 22".

Step 4. Choose "Rulers" from the menu bar.

Step 5. Set to Inches to see how the size of your pattern is displayed.

Step 6. Choose a smaller page layout so you can view the whole pattern in your monitor. Do this at the bottom left. 33.3 is chosen here.

Step 7. Select "Insert " from the menu bar. Locate your pattern.

Step 8. Resize as needed, keeping in mind where the page breaks will end up on the pattern. This is where you have to tape the sides of paper together.

Step 9. Our pattern was increased to fit a 11"x8.5" photo. You can also change the height or width separately as needed (reshape) by dragging the corners.

Step 10. Choose "Page Setup..." from menu bar.In our example we chose standard layout instead of landscape. You can use either with our example pattern but if you were to need a setup that would require the pages to print in a more desired layout say 6 pages high and 2 pages wide for a 66"x17" pattern you would choose the standard layout. For a pattern 51" high and 22" wide choose the landscape layout using the same 6 pages high and 2 pages wide.

Step 11. Print and your done! Tape the pages end to end without over lapping. Transfer onto larger and firmer paper stock for your working pattern templates.
Option: make 2 copies to allow for a nice layout and working pattern.

Our "Free Pattern Folder" has some patterns to try out and can be found here.

Down East Stained Glass